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Magnetic Nano Particles
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Fertility improvement in sub fertile animals and humans

Rare cells mixed with populations of other cells can be isolated and further analyzed for Chromosome abnormalities & Nucleic Acids. Smaller custom Clemente Nanoparticles have been used in intracellular trafficking.The small size of the nanopaerticles allows rapid solution kinetics and minimal agitation. No toxicity issues have been found with Clemente Magnetic Nano particles. Since particles preparation does not involve toxic materals, they are safe.



Recent Human Studies

Correlation between aneuploidy, apoptotic markers and DNA fragmentation in spermatozoa from normozoospermic patients

Utility of Magnetic Cell Separation as a Molecular Sperm Preparation Technique

Magnetic-activated cell sorting for sperm preparation reduces spermatozoa with apoptotic markers and improves the acrosome reaction in couples with unexplained infertility.

Evaluation of sperm recovery following annexin V magnetic-activated cell sorting separation.

Effects of magnetic-activated cell sorting on sperm motility and cryosurvival rates.